Hello dear readers, it’s been a while! Here I am though with a post a little bit different. I want to discuss my experience with one of the best shampoo and conditioner sets out there and to share some tips with you about my hairstyle and the other products I use.
So how I define a good shampoo and conditioner? For me the best products won’t make my hair feel dry, brittle or unhealthy. Instead, it has the power to transform my hair and even make my hairstyles look better, no matter if  I want to go out with straight hair, curly hair or somewhere in between.

At this point, I have to admit that every spring I suffer from hair loss. So I decided that this spring all I needed was something special in order to restore thickness to my hair. I tried REVIVOGEN MD and I am obsessed with this shampoo & conditioner.IMG_3938

Revivogen MD was a savior for my thin, dry and damaged hair and I will tell you why. After the very first hair wash, I noticed that my hair was fuller and thicker. After a few more hair washes, I definitely came to the conclusion that these products volumize and give my hair tons of body.
Furthermore their minty refreshing scent when shampooing is great and leaves the scalp clean and hydrated because of the ultra-gentle formula.
With these products as a base, it’s easy to finalize my look because my hair is very manageable after using the shampoo and conditioner. After that, my normal hair routine is: Get out of the shower, comb it out, apply a heat protection product, add a volumizer to the roots, blow dry it, then apply boost powder from American Crew to the roots and I’m ready for photoshooting.

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Until next time! Stay clean and sharp.

Stylishly yours,