Hey Guys! How are you? Thank God exam period is over and I’ am back! Let’s begin with some info about our new collaboration!

King&Fifth was established in 2009 by Owner, Brian Mcalister. Originally teaching himself how to crochet, his desire to do so was mostly to fill the need of a stylish, well-fitting beanie. Over time, and after many requests from friends, his style collection grew. Once mixing his passion for both entrepreneurship and style, the business was formed with a goal of creating hats that are made of high quality with a timeless appeal...and indeed guys, their quality is super! You have to touch it in order to believe it! The great advantage of this company is their variety in colors! Furthermore every choice  is versatile and unique.Efoula chose to pair her beanie with a denim shirt-garment, her all-stars and of course with her ma-ga London watch. As you can understand she can’t separate it!

Enjoy her!Stylishly yours,