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Hello stylish people! How are you? We ‘re more than fine. And the reason is our new collab with a new brand of luxury leather bags, called JeanDi. JeanDi is a new brand name located in Greece and takes action in leather bags , accessories and luxury materials. Two ambitious guys are behind this whole thing and they give everything to satisfy even the most demanding customers.Their products are designed, handmade manufactured exclusively in Greece, with the highest quality types of leather following every specification in fashion industry.For that reason we had to choose something special about our outfits, in order to support the whole concept successfully. We even had to buy a curio Porsche Carrera. (Just kiddin’.)

Maria chose two outfits for the occasion, The first one, was total black with some ethnic details, over the knee boots and leather tights. 

IMG_2986I chose to pair my outfit with hers in order to accompany her total black look. I love this black-grey combo. Ιt’s festive and masculine.

As for our second outfits, Maria nailed it with this special Burberry poncho!IMG_4206Once more I chose to acompany her, pairing my lustbox knit tie with her burgundy boots. It’s very important, when you escort a stylish lady to pair your tie, bow tie or even your hankerchief, with her overriding outfit color. Try to remember this little tip.

Check out JeanDi facebook page for more info, click here.

Photos: Irene Morrison Balomenou

Stylishly yours,

Maria & Yiannis.